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Filter message list

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You can statically filter messages when retrieving a message. Currently, dynamic filtering is not supported. To change the filtering criteria, you must recreate the channel.

Set MessageListParams directly when creating a ViewModel

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The ChannelViewModel is responsible for fetching and managing messages from a channel. You can filter these messages by changing the properties of MessageListParams within the ChannelViewModel. See this page if you need help with customizing a ViewModel.

You can inherit from ChannelViewModel and implement the createMessageListParams()method. When you call the super.createMessageListParams() method, you can then obtain the default params setting used by the UIKit.

class MessageFilteringSampleViewModel(channelUrl: String) : ChannelViewModel(channelUrl, null) {
    override fun createMessageListParams(): MessageListParams {
        val params = super.createMessageListParams()
        // To get UserMessage only 
        params.messageTypeFilter = MessageTypeFilter.USER

        // TODO: Uncomment this to filter message list.
        params.messagePayloadFilter =
        params.customTypes =
        return params

Set MessageListParams through fragment builder

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The fragment builder also provides an interface to customize the MessageListParams. In this case, however, the default setting used by the UIKit can't be retrieved.

val fragment = ChannelFragment.Builder(channelUrl)
    .setMessageListParams(MessageListParams().apply {
        val filter = MessagePayloadFilter().apply {
            this.includeReactions = false
            // TODO: Uncomment this to filter message list.
        messagePayloadFilter = filter
        // TODO: Uncomment this to filter message list.
        messageTypeFilter =
        customTypes =

For an in-depth practical demonstration, see our sample code.