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Unread message counts

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Unread message counts is a feature that informs users the number of messages they haven’t read in each channel. The unread message count appears in the ChannelListComponent of the ChannelListModule. The number of unread messages per channel is displayed below the timestamp of the last received message. If the message count exceeds 100, it will show as 99+.

Note : In order to use the unread message counts feature, you must first build a channel list-based service and get a channel list view. To learn how to display channel list view, refer to the List channels page.

Customize the UI for unread message counts

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The UI for unread message counts can be customized through the string resource. The string resource is a set of strings used to compose the screen. It’s a res/strings.xml file containing UIKit-defined string values.

    <string name="sb_text_channel_list_unread_count_max">99+</string>