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Customize data sources for users

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You can display a user list that is managed independently from the user list provided by the UIKit's default data source.

UserInfo class

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When creating a custom user model, you must inherit from the UserInfo interface. The following table lists the properties of UserInfo.




The unique ID of the user.



The user's nickname. (Default: null)



The URL of the user's profile image. (Default: null)

Globally change the user data source

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To use a custom user model, extend the UserInfo interface as shown in the code below.

class CustomUserInfo(
    private val userId: String,
    private val nickname: String? = null,
    private val profileUrl: String? = null,
    private val age: Int
): UserInfo {
    override fun getUserId(): String {
        return userId

    override fun getNickname(): String? {
        return nickname

    override fun getProfileUrl(): String {
        return profileUrl

Then, set up a custom UserListQueryHandler in the Application's onCreate() method.

fun setCustomUserListQueryHandler() {
    val customUserList: List<CustomUserInfo> = emptyList()
    var loadIndex = 0
    val loadSize = 10

        object : CustomUserListQueryHandler {
            override fun loadInitial(handler: OnListResultHandler<UserInfo>) {
                val endIndex = min(loadSize, customUserList.size)

                handler.onResult(customUserList.subList(0, endIndex), null)
                loadIndex = endIndex

            override fun loadMore(handler: OnListResultHandler<UserInfo>) {
                val endIndex = min(loadIndex + loadSize, customUserList.size)

                handler.onResult(customUserList.subList(loadIndex, endIndex), null)
                loadIndex = endIndex

            override fun hasMore(): Boolean {
                return loadIndex < customUserList.count()

For an in-depth practical demonstration, see our sample code.