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Chat UIKit React Native
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Create an open channel

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Create a new open channel by using Sendbird Dashboard, Chat SDK for Javascript or Platform API.

Instead of creating an open channel directly in Sendbird UIKit for Chat, try using one of the following three methods to create a channel instance for the UIKit.

  • Sendbird Dashboard
  • Sendbird Chat SDK for Javascript
  • Platform API

Sendbird Dashboard

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Sendbird Dashboard allows you to create an open channel in the most simple way.

  1. Login to Sendbird Dashboard and find your Application.
  2. Go to Chat > Open channels, and select Create channel .
  3. In the dialog box that appears, specify the name, unique URL, cover image, and custom type of a new channel you are about to create.

Sendbird Chat SDK

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To create an open channel through Chat SDK, see the Create a channel page in the Chat SDK Docs for Javascript.

Platform API

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To create an open channel through Chat Platform API, see Create a channel in the Platform API Docs.

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