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Quote reply

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Message threading is a feature that allows users to reply to each other's messages in a channel. Users can ask questions, give feedback or add context to a specific message without interrupting the conversation flow. A message thread refers to a group of messages and their replies. Sendbird Chat UIKit for React Native currently only supports quote reply that allows users to exchange and view both non-reply messages and replies in one channel view.


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Quote reply currently has the following limitations:

  • UIKit message threading is available for group channels and supergroup channels only.
  • Sendbird UIKit only supports 1-depth threads, meaning you can only reply to the original message.

How to use

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To turn on quote reply mode, set the reply type to quote_reply:

import { SendbirdUIKitContainer } from "@sendbird/uikit-react-native";

const App = () => {
  return (
        groupChannel: {
          replyType: 'quote_reply', // 'none', 'quote_reply'

Reply to messages

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In a group channel, the messageListComponent of GroupChannelModule allows users to tap and hold the message they wish to reply to. A Message menu will appear and once they tap Reply, they can start quote replying using the reply mode of the Input component. A message that already has a reply is called a quoted message and the replied message is called a reply. Both quoted messages and replies can be in the form of a user message or file message.

Message menu

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The Message menu contains an Emoji reaction bar, a Copy button, and a Reply button. To view the menu, long tap on a message in channel view. Then, tap Reply in the menu to quote reply to the selected message. The onPressSendUserMessage() method of GroupChannelFragment is invoked and the selected message becomes a quoted message.

The Reply button of a message that's already a reply appears as deactivated because the Chat UIKit only supports 1-depth replies.

The Delete button of a quoted message that has one or more replies appears as deactivated. To delete the quoted message, its replies must be deleted first.

Customize the quote reply UI

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The UI for quote reply can be customized through the string resource, color resource and icon resource.

String resource

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The following table shows customizable properties of StringSet.




A text indicating that who has replied to whose message.



A reply text on the message menu.



A placeholder text for the input field when replying.



A preview of title text for the message that's being replied to.



A preview of body text for the message that's being replied to.



An error message shown when a message is selected to see the parent message, but the parent message couldn't be found.

interface StringSet {
    LABELS: {
          replyMessage: SendbirdUserMessage | SendbirdFileMessage,
          parentMessage: SendbirdUserMessage | SendbirdFileMessage,
          currentUserId?: string,
        ) => string;
        CHANNEL_MESSAGE_REPLY: string;
        CHANNEL_INPUT_REPLY_PREVIEW_TITLE: (user: SendbirdUser) => string;
        CHANNEL_INPUT_REPLY_PREVIEW_BODY: (message: SendbirdUserMessage | SendbirdFileMessage) => string;
    TOAST: {
        FIND_PARENT_MSG_ERROR: string;

Icon resource

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The following table shows customizable reaction icons.



An icon used to indicate that a user replied to another user’s message in a channel.

import { Icon } from '@sendbird/uikit-react-native-foundation';

Icon.Assets['reply'] = require('your_icons/reply_icon.png');