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Monitor analytics of notifications

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This section elaborates on using analytics to optimize in-app notifications. Understanding metrics such as sent, impressions, and clicks is pivotal for teams to track and improve the performance of their notifications. Analytics are categorized into three main segments: Channels, Templates, and Tags, with the addition of secondary dimensions for a more refined analysis.


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Channels provide a means to track notifications at the channel level, essential for assessing different notification channels' performance. For apps using a single notification feed, this method becomes the primary way to monitor all notifications. In contrast, multiple channels offer a more granular view of each channel's performance.


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Templates are the core of notification content and style, offering valuable insights based on specific use cases. They allow for the analysis of different templates like order confirmations and marketing promotions to gauge open rates and effectiveness. Templates enable the customization of notifications for specific scenarios, aiding in precise tracking and analysis.

Tags play a crucial role in categorizing notifications beyond the template level for detailed analytics. They allow for the differentiation of notifications by team, such as operations or marketing, or for more general categorization above the template level, adding an additional layer to the analysis process.