Business Messaging Guide v2
Business Messaging
Version 2

User insights

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User Insights provides a detailed overview of individual user communications, offering capabilities beyond those of traditional CRM systems. This feature is especially valuable for teams that require in-depth user data, such as customer support.

The User Insights page offers the comprehensive statistics and data on notification messages sent to target users, identified by user ID and nickname. This information is useful for tracking user engagement and monitoring the notifications delivered to these individuals.

Import user data

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You can import user data into the Dashboard by uploading a CSV file containing user information. Once imported, this data can be used to search for and access detailed information on messages received by the user and their responses.

CSV file requirements

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Your CSV file must meet the following requirements:

  • The first row in the file must contain the column names user_id and phone_number.
  • The maximum number of users you can have in a CSV file is 100,000. Only alphabets, numbers, underscores, hyphens, and periods are allowed in the column.
  • Phone number must follow E.164 format: [+][country code][phone number]
Example table





How to upload a CSV file

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  1. Click the Import users button.

  2. Drag your CSV file into Attach file area or click Upload CSV file.

  3. Once successfully uploaded, you will see the Imported check mark next to the uploaded CSV file.

  4. Click Ok to finish importing your user data.

User details

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You can search user information by their user ID or nickname to access detailed information of the user.

Message details

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Message details allows you to view the notification and the template used for each message received by the user. By reviewing this information, you can track and monitor which notifications were sent to the user and determine its content. Click a notification that was sent to the user to view message details.