Business Messaging Guide v2
Business Messaging
Version 2

Tag notifications

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Tags allow teams to organize notifications and gather statistical data on them. By requiring tags, you can also prevent disorganization by banning on-the-fly tag creation.

Access to tags

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This feature allows teams to manage tags and control user access through Custom roles and permissions on Sendbird Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to Organization > Settings > Roles.
  2. Select or create a role to change permission.
  3. In the Permissions section, open Business Messaging tab and check All for the Tag to the role.

Set up tags

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  1. Go to Settings > Business Messaging > Tags.
  2. Determine whether to require tags or not. Also you can decide whether you will allow auto-creation of tags if someone enters a non-existing tag when sending a notification. If this option is blocked, one must create tags they need for a notification under Settings > Business Messaging > Tags
  • Tag enforcement: When setting tags to Required, both the dashboard and APIs will mandate the inclusion of tags in the payload.
  • Auto creation: Disabling this feature will restrict the Dashboard and API to use only existing tags and disallow creation of new ones.

Create tags

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This step is required if you don't allow auto-creation of tags in the Settings.

  1. Go to Settings > Business Messaging > Tags on the dashboard.
  2. Click the Create tag+ button to create a new one. To delete an existing tag, click on the vertical ellipsis.