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Sendbird Chat SDK v3 for Flutter is no longer supported as a new version is released. Check out our latest Chat SDK v4

Retrieve the total number of scheduled messages

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Use the getTotalScheduledMessageCount() method to retrieve the total number of scheduled messages a user has. The properties of TotalScheduledMessageCountParams are optional to set as a filter. If not set, the number of all scheduled messages that a user has will be retrieved.

// Retrieve the total number of scheduled messages.
final param = TotalScheduledMessageCountParams()

// This method is called from the SendbirdSdk class.
// Count contains the number of scheduled messages.
final totalCount = await sdk.getTotalScheduledMessageCount(params: param); 


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Parameter nameTypeDescription



Specifies a target channel to query the scheduled messages from. If null, it retrieves scheduled messages from all channels. (Default: null)



Specifies list of scheduled message status where scheduled messages with only given status are retrieved. (Default: null)



Specifies the message type to filter the messages with the corresponding type. Acceptable values are all, user, file, and admin. (Default: all)