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Version 3
Sendbird Chat SDK v3 for Flutter is no longer supported as a new version is released. Check out our latest Chat SDK v4

Retrieve a message

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You can retrieve a specific message in an open or group channel by creating and passing the MessageRetrievalParams object as an argument into the getMessage() method.

Note: Starting from Flutter Chat SDK 3.1.0, MessageRetrievalParams requires the channelType, channelUrl, and messageId parameters.

try {
    // Create a MessageRetrievalParams object.
    final params = MessageRetrievalParams(
        messageId: MESSAGE_ID
        channelType: ChannelType.open
        channelUrl: CHANNEL_URL

    // Pass the params to the parameter of the getMessage() method.
    final message = await BaseMessage.getMessage(params);
    // The specified message is successfully retrieved.
} catch (e) {
    // Handle error.

List of properties

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This table only contains properties shown in the code above. To see the comprehensive list of all available methods and properties, see MessageRetrievalParams.

Property nameTypeDescription



Specifies the URL of the channel.



Specifies the type of the channel.



Specifies the unique ID of the message.

Retrieve the last message of a group channel

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You can retrieve and view the last message of a group channel.

final lastMessage = groupChannel.lastMessage;