Live Platform API v1
Live Platform API
Live Platform API
Version 1

End a live event

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Ends a live event. When a live event ends, participants are forced out of the live event.

HTTP request

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DELETE https://api-{application_id}{live_event_id}


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If successful, this action returns information about a live event that has been deleted in the response body.

    "live_event": {
        "live_event_id": "9c74953c-4f5a-4710-8943-f2f7f5175143",
        "host_type": "single_host",
        "state": "ended",
        "created_at": 1657690113715,
        "set_ready_at": 1657690113746,
        "started_at": 1657690113875,
        "ended_at": 1657690113932,
        "is_host_streaming": false,
        "host": none,
        "created_by": "testuser-0dc2e79",
        "set_ready_by": "testuser-0dc2e79",
        "started_by": "testuser-0dc2e79",
        "ended_by": "testuser-0dc2e79",
        "duration": 216,
        "participant_count": 0,
        "peak_participant_count": 0,
        "cumulative_participant_count": 0,
        "user_ids_for_host": ["testuser-0dc2e79"],
        "custom_items": {},

List of response properties

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Property nameTypeDescription


nested object

The live event that has been ended.