Live Platform API v1
Live Platform API
Live Platform API
Version 1

Upload cloud recording

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You can upload a recorded file of a live event directly to your AWS S3 storage. Whenever a new recording file is created, it's automatically sent to the specified S3 bucket on your AWS account. Since Sendbird's storage doesn't store any recorded files, you can manage the files more securely and safely in your own storage.

Configure IAM role for cross account access

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Cross account access allows you to grant permission for other users and services of another AWS account to use resources in your AWS account. This feature allows Sendbird server to upload files directly to your S3 storage, which ensures seamless integration between accounts without compromising security.

To gain cross account access, you must create an IAM role with appropriate permissions. The IAM role needs to have the following actions in the target S3 storage in order to upload the recorded files.


Granting external ID makes it easy to control the conditions in which cross account access is permitted. This provides better security protection as described in the external ID guide.