Live Platform API v1
Live Platform API
Live Platform API
Version 1

Start a live event

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Starts a live event. When a live event starts, the state of the event changes to ongoing and participants can receive the media stream from the host and chat with the host.

HTTP request

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POST https://api-{application_id}{live_event_id}/start


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If successful, this action returns a live event that has been started in the response body.

    "live_event": {
        "live_event_id": "5ae1fdb3-1f86-4bd5-8b0a-1a0d472ef262",
        "host_type": "single_host",
        "state": "ongoing",
        "created_at": 1657689806089,
        "set_ready_at": 1657689806115,
        "started_at": 1657689806237,
        "ended_at": none,
        "is_host_streaming": false,
        "host": {
            "client_id": "test-client-id",
            "duration": 0,
            "exited_at": none,
            "entered_at": 1657689806172,
            "state": "entered",
            "live_event_id": "5ae1fdb3-1f86-4bd5-8b0a-1a0d472ef262",
            "host_id": "5eaae39f-d5b1-4b52-93a5-ea81d9338f37",
            "connected_at": none,
            "disconnected_at": none,
            "is_audio_on": true,    // If set to true, audio is on.
            "is_video_on": true,    // If set to true, video is on.
            "user": {
                "user_id": "testuser-d8208e98",
                "nickname": "",
                "profile_url": "",
                "metadata": {},
                "is_active": true,
                "role": none,
        "created_by": "testuser-d8208e98",
        "set_ready_by": "testuser-d8208e98",
        "started_by": "testuser-d8208e98",
        "ended_by": "",
        "duration": 0,
        "participant_count": 0,
        "peak_participant_count": 0,
        "cumulative_participant_count": 0,
        "user_ids_for_host": ["testuser-d8208e98"],
        "custom_items": {},

List of response properties

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Property nameTypeDescription


nested object

The live event that has been started.