Live Platform API v1
Live Platform API
Live Platform API
Version 1

Retrieve a host

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Retrieves the information about a host of a live event.

HTTP request

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GET https://api-{application_id}{live_event_id}/hosts


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If successful, this action returns the host of the specified live event.

    "host": {
        "live_event_id": "225225c0-9097-431b-8317-fbf1fd6c8153",
        "host_id": "96705b6c-6ee4-44ac-b85c-8e08d3486443",
        "client_id": "57380739-8aa2-405e-a840-f15053d6fba1",
        "state": "connected",
        "duration": 0,
        "entered_at": 1657692359322,
        "connected_at": 1657692489322,
        "disconnected_at": none,
        "exited_at": none,
        "is_audio_on": true,
        "is_video_on": true,
        "user": {
            "user_id": "_Hi6='",
            "nickname": "",
            "profile_url": "",
            "metadata": {},
            "is_active": false,
            "role": none,

List of response properties

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Property nameTypeDescription


nested object

The user who acts as host for the live event.