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Read receipt

Read receipt is a feature that allows a user to know whether their messages have been read by other users in the channel. The UI for read receipt appears in the MessageListComponent of ChannelModule and in the ChannelListComponent of the ChannelListModule. If the sender's message has been read by all recipients in the channel, a colored double-tick icon will appear above the message’s timestamp. Read receipt is only visible to the sender of the message.

Note : In order to use this feature, you must first create a channel and enable the chat service. To learn how to allow users to chat in a channel, refer to the Chat in a group channel page.

How to use

While the read receipt feature is turned on by default in ChannelModule, you have to set the feature's setter method to true in ChannelListModule. Implement the code below to turn on the read receipt in a channel list view.

public class BaseApplication extends Application {

    public void onCreate() {


Customize the UI for read receipt

You can customize the UI for read receipt through the icon_done_all property of the icon resource.

Icon resource

The following table shows a customizable read receipt icon.

Icon nameImageDescription


An icon used to indicate that a message has been read by all members of a channel.

Note : The same double-tick icon is used for both read receipt and delivery receipt. The only difference is the color of the icon. Default icon colors used for read receipt are secondary_300 for Light theme, and secondary_200 for Dark theme.