UIKit React Native v3
UIKit React Native
React Native
Version 3
React Native

UIKit for React Native

With Sendbird UIKit for React Native, you can easily build an in-app chat with all the essential messaging features.

UIKit for React Native is now available for you to build and customize views at a component level.

A fragment has a corresponding module consisting of module components and each fragment also has a hook and a context. While the module creates and displays the UI, the hook and the context receive data from Chat SDK in each screen. To learn more about our development kit, visit the pages below.

Most popular

  • Send your first message

    Build a functional chat using UIKit and send your first message in minutes.

  • Key functions

    Create customizable views and execute essential chat functions through fragments, modules, and hooks.

  • Core components

    Learn about the core components of UIKit.

  • Customization

    Learn how to customize the fragment, module, components, and hooks in each key function.

  • Themes

    Apply either light or dark theme to your entire app or use customized themes that fit your brand identity.

  • Features

    Try out various features provided by UIKit.

Recommended features

  • Typing indicator

    Let users know whether other members in the channel are typing a message.

  • Read receipt

    Allow users to know whether their messages have been read by other users in the channel.

  • File sharing

    Allow users to share files during a chat, such as images, audio files, and videos.