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    Update default invitation preference

    Updates the default channel invitation preference of an application. Updating the default channel invitation preference won't override existing users' individual channel invitation preferences. The changed preference only affects users created after the update. To update a particular user's channel invitation preference, see update channel invitation preference.

    HTTP request

    PUT https://api-{application_id}

    Request body

    The following table lists the properties of an HTTP request that this action supports.

    Property nameTypeDescription



    Indicates for users within an application whether or not to automatically join a group channel promptly from an invitation without having to accept it. By default, invited users are automatically added as members to a group channel without the need to accept an invitation. If you would like to give users the option to decide whether to accept or decline an invitation to join a group channel, change the value to false. (Default: true)


    If successful, this action returns the value of the default channel invitation preference of an application in the response body.

        "auto_accept": true

    In the case of an error, an error object is returned. A detailed list of error codes is available here.