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    Ban users from channels by a custom channel type

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    Bans users from channels with the specified custom channel type at once.

    Note: To learn more about other available moderation tools, see Moderation Overview.

    HTTP Request

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    POST https://api-{application_id}.sendbird.com/v3/applications/settings_by_channel_custom_type/{custom_type}/ban


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    The following table lists the parameters that this action supports.

    Parameter nameTypeDescription



    Specifies a custom channel type.

    Request body

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    The following table lists the properties of an HTTP request that this action supports.



    array of objects

    An array of JSON objects that contain information on banned users.



    Specifies the unique ID of a user.




    Specifies the duration of ban in seconds. If set to -1, a user will be banned for ten years, which refers to a permanent ban on the Sendbird Dashboard. (Default: -1)



    Specifies the reason for ban. The maximum length is 250 characters.



    Determines whether the Sendbird system should create new users to ban if there are no users with the IDs specified in user_ids. If this property is set to true and the value of user_ids contain user IDs that don't exist in the Sendbird application, this API creates new users according to the user IDs specified in user_ids and bans both existing and new users. If false, only existing users are banned.(Default: false)

    * The on_demand_user_upsert property can be used interchangeably with this property.

        "banned_list": [
                "user_id": "Joe",
                "seconds": 600,
                "description": "Too many messages"
                "user_id": "Harry",
                "seconds": 1000,
                "description": "Not good manner"
                "user_id": "Jeff",
                "seconds": 200,
                "description": "Short penalty"
        "on_demand_upsert": true


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    If successful, this action returns an empty response body.

    In the case of an error, an error object is returned. A detailed list of error codes is available here.