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    Get a registration or device token owner

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    Retrieves a user who owns a registration or device token. You can pass gcm, huawei, or apns for FCM registration token, HMS device token, or APNs device token, respectively, in the token_type parameter for the push notification service you are using.

    HTTP request

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    GET https://api-{application_id}.sendbird.com/v3/push/device_tokens/{token_type}/{token}


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    The following table lists the parameters that this action supports.

    Parameter nameTypeDescription



    Specifies the type of a token. Acceptable values are gcm, huawei, and apns for FCM, HMS, and APNS respectively.



    Specifies the registration or device token of a user.


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    If successful, this action returns the ID of a user who owns a token in the response body.

        "user_id": "Fluo"

    In the case of an error, an error object is returned. A detailed list of error codes is available here.