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    The migration feature helps you migrate messages from another system into the Sendbird system's channels. If you want to use this API, contact our support team.


    Before starting the migration, follow the instructions below:

    1. Register the users of your current chat solution to your Sendbird application. You can migrate the users into the Sendbird system using the user creation API.
    2. Create either an open or a group channel to migrate the messages of your chat solution. Note that the Sendbird system doesn't automatically create a channel for your migration.
    3. To avoid failure during your migration, adjust the number of messages to process at once through the API. The maximum number of migrated messages per call is 100.


    The following table shows a list of actions supported for migration. API endpoints are relative to the base URL allocated to your Sendbird application. In this page, the /migration/{target_channel_url} endpoint refers to https://api-{application_id}{target_channel_url}.

    Note: If you want to know the ID and base URL of your application, sign in to the Sendbird Dashboard, go to the Settings > Application > General, and then check the Application ID and API request URL.

    List of actions

    ActionHTTP request

    Migrate messages

    POST /migration/{target_channel_url}
    Migrate messages from another system into Sendbird's system.