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Before you start building your chat, it is important to understand that your Sendbird application has core functionalities to maintain a stable chat service and basic features for application management. This page explains how you can use a Sendbird application in your app to ensure optimal performance.

Default settings

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To prevent abnormal user activities, a Sendbird application has the following limits on the number of messages per second that a user can send and show in an open channel.

Imposed onLimitIf exceeded


Five messages per second

Excess messages are neither sent to the channel nor saved in the database, but are displayed in the user's channel view.


Five messages per second

Excess messages aren't displayed but saved in the database.

Manage connections with the Sendbird server

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One user ID can make connections to up to 30 devices or browsers simultaneously. All connections from one user ID are counted and reflected in your application's concurrent connections. Since they are used to calculate your service billing, caution is advised.