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Sendbird Chat SDK for Unreal provides three types of event handlers for your client apps: channel event handler, user event handler, and connection event handler. Through the channel event handler and user event handler, Sendbird server notifies online client apps of events that happen on the channels and users. When the client app is disconnected from the server, the SDK tries to reconnect to the server and notifies the client app of the result through the connection event handler.

With event callbacks provided by channel and user event handlers, you can write the event-related processing code you want to execute. For example, the onMessageReceived() method of the channel event handler in client apps is called when a message has been received in a channel. This callback receives BaseChannel and BaseMessage objects as parameters, which contain new information on the channel and message.

The Chat SDKs interact with our server through persistent WebSocket connections and multi-thread processing, receiving callbacks of asynchronous events of channels, users, and reconnect process of client apps through handlers in real-time. This allows you to track the events and implement your own chat features associated with those events.