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Add and remove a user event handler

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To receive information about events related to users connected to the Sendbird server, you need to add a user event handler with its unique user-defined ID by calling the SBDMain::AddUserEventHandler().

The following code shows a full set of supported event callbacks with their parameters and how to add a user event handler to the unique SendBird instance.

class MyUserEventHandler : public SBDUserEventHandler {
    void TotalUnreadMessageCountChanged(int total_count, std::map<std::wstring, int> total_count_by_custom_type) {
        // A user has read messages in the joined group channels and there is an update on the total number of the user's unread messages.

SBDMain::AddUserEventHandler(UNIQUE_HANDLER_ID, new MyUserEventHandler());

The following code shows how to remove the user event handler.

// You can remove a specific user event handler. 

// You can remove all registered user event handlers.