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Update a message

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A user can update any of their own text and file messages sent. An error is returned if a user attempts to update another user's messages. In addition, channel operators can update any messages sent in the channel.

User messageFile message
// The MESSAGE_ID below indicates the unique message ID of a UserMessage object to update.
channel->UpdateUserMessage(MESSAGE, MESSAGE_TEXT, DATA, CUSTOM_TYPE, [](SBDUserMessage* userMessage, SBDError* error) {
    if (error != nullptr) {
        // Handle error.

    // The message is successfully updated.
    // Through the userMessage parameter of the handler callback function,
    // you can check if the update is done correctly.

If a message is updated, the MessageUpdated() method in the channel event handler will be invoked on all channel participants' devices except the one that updated the message.

class MyChannelHandler : public SBDChannelHandler {
    void MessageUpdated(SBDBaseChannel* channel, SBDBaseMessage* message) {
        // Invoke when a message is updated.

SBDMain::AddChannelHandler(UNIQUE_HANDLER_ID, new MyChannelHandler());