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Sendbird Desk facilitate more efficient customer assistance through a variety of chatbots such as AI chatbots, FAQ bots, and custom bots.

  • AI chatbot: Connect Sendbird AI Chatbot to Desk for automated customer support powered by your choice of AI engine. To learn how to utilize the AI chatbot on Desk, see the AI chatbot guide.
  • FAQ bot: Assist customers with simple queries by employing a FAQ bot. You can operate a FAQ bot by uploading a set of questions and answers on Sendbird Dashboard.
  • Custom bot: Extend the customer support by integrating a 3rd-party bot to Sendbird Desk through a webhook URL.

This page demonstrates how to create a FAQ bot on Sendbird Dashboard.

FAQ bots

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FAQ bots can now help your customers ask simple questions and get answers on the spot 24/7. At the same time, your agents can focus on more complex and critical issues rather than dealing with repetitive and simple requests. This user guide provides step-by-step instructions to create an FAQ bot along with the essential information on FAQ files.

Note: FAQ bots can’t receive any tickets from social media while custom bots can receive 1-to-1 messages as tickets.

How it works

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An FAQ bot operates based on an uploaded FAQ file, which consists of frequently asked questions and answers. If you provide a high-quality substantial amount of questions and answers, your customers will get more accurate and helpful information.

When a customer asks a question, the FAQ bot finds out the keyword within the customer’s message and provides up to three most relevant question and answer sets. You can also deliver answers with related links or thumbnails.

To create an FAQ bot

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  1. Go to Settings > Bots, and click Create +.
  2. On the General tab, fill out the information and click Save.
  3. Move to the FAQ files tab, choose a CSV file you prepared.
  4. Click Upload when the button is enabled.
  5. Click Select file to use, choose the file, and click Save.
  6. When the status of the selected file changes to In use, click Activate bot.

Note: After creating and activating your FAQ bot, we recommend you to place the bot to at least one team and create a bot-dedicated assignment rule to auto-assign a ticket. To learn more about how the three features work together, see the user guide Bots, Teams, and Assignment rules.

More about file upload

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There are two steps in uploading a file. When you choose a file, Sendbird Desk checks if the file is in CSV format and under 5MB. If the file satisfies the conditions, the Upload button is enabled.

When you click Upload, Sendbird Desk verifies if the internal format of the file is properly set while processing its contents. When a file is suitable to be used as an FAQ file, it is uploaded to the list with the status set to Not in use.

FAQ files

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An FAQ file indicates an uploaded CSV file that consists of category, question, answer, keyword, URL, and image URL. FAQ bot works after getting paired up with one FAQ file and sends messages by searching through the FAQ file. Therefore, a well-organized FAQ file is recommended to utilize your FAQ bots. For the description of each component, refer to the following information:



The question.


The answer of the question.


Keywords that are used to provide the most relevant question and answer sets. Use commas to separate multiple keywords, e.g. password, reset, information.



The category of the question and answer.


The URL of the link if there is any website that elaborates on the answer.

image URL

The URL of the image that is provided with the question and answer set.


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  • The maximum file size is 5MB.
  • Files must have different names.
  • Only one FAQ file can be used at a time.
  • Up to five unused files can be kept as options. When the number of unused files exceeds five, the oldest unused file expires.
  • Expired files can't be downloaded but only be deleted.

File status

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FAQ files can have five types of statuses as below.



Indicates Sendbird Desk is processing the file.

In use

Indicates the file is in use.

Not in use

Indicates the file is not in use.


Indicates an error occurred while processing the file.


Indicates the file is expired because the number of unused file exceeded 5.

Note: If you delete an FAQ file, it is removed from the list and can't be restored.