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Instagram business account

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Comments to your post, direct messages from customers, and even shared posts and links can be created into tickets through social media integration on Sendbird Dashboard.

This page covers the following information:

  • Prerequisites
  • Integrate with Sendbird Desk
  • Message types


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Because Instagram is a service provided by Meta, formerly known as Facebook, we need an Instagram business account that is linked to your Facebook page. You can start integration with Sendbird Desk once you are all set.

  • Facebook Page
    If your business does not have a Facebook Page yet, create one before jumping to integration with Sendbird Desk. To learn how to create one, visit this page.

  • Instagram Business Account
    You need an Instagram Business Account that is linked to the Facebook Page of yours. To learn more about how to set up a Business Account, visit this page.

  • How to connect them
    If you already have a Facebook Page and an Instagram Business account but they are not connected, visit this page and link them together. During the process, a popup can show up, saying “Limited access to some of Insights and Facebook features.” This is due to a Meta’s policy to prevent spam accounts on the platform. When you see the message above, contact Meta for further assistance.

Note: If your Facebook Page is brand new, you may want to give it one or two hours so that the Facebook system recognizes your business. Then start connecting your Facebook Page and Instagram account.

Integrate with Sendbird Desk

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Now, you can come back to Sendbird Dashboard and connect your Instagram Business account to Sendbird Desk following the steps below.

  1. Log in to your Sendbird Dashboard and go to Settings > Desk > Integrations.
  2. Click Add account+ in the Instagram box.

  1. If you click the purple Add account+ button, a popup like above will appear. If the Facebook Page account name is correct, agree and continue. If not, log in to the correct account by clicking Log into another account.
  2. Select an Instagram Business account you would like to integrate with Sendbird Desk. Then click Next.
  3. Select a Facebook Page that is linked to your Instagram Business account and click Next.

  1. Select all the permissions you want to grant to Sendbird Desk. Click OK and you are all set!

Unsupported messages

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Certain types of message or comment created on Instagram may not display its content or attached media because such Instagram doesn’t support such functionalities outside the platform. Such messages include:

  • Direct message sent from a Shop post
  • Direct message sent from a Reals post
  • Sticker reaction within Direct message
  • Expired image or video

Also, when an agent sends a file message to a customer in Instagram tickets, Sendbird supports only the following formats and sizes.

MediaFormatMax size


acc, m4a, wav, mp4



mp4, ogg, avi, mov, webm



png, jpeg