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Team assignment

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Tickets can be assigned to an agent or a team. When tickets are assigned to a team, an available live agent in the team receives tickets based on auto ticket routing. When tickets aren't assigned to any teams, they are automatically assigned to the Default team.

See below to learn how tickets can be assigned to a team.

Note: Bots, which are referred to as virtual agents, aren’t subject to the auto ticket routing function.

Preconditions for receiving tickets

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Before assigning tickets to a specific team, make sure agents are added to the team by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings > Teams.
  2. Create a team or select a team.
  3. Search for agents to add. To receive tickets, live agents must be activated and Auto routing must be turned on.
  4. Click Save.

Note: Tickets without a team assigned automatically fall under the Default team.

Default team

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All desk accounts have a default team, which is created without a team key to receive all tickets that aren't assigned to any team. When live agents who are not admins are activated in Desk for the first time, they're automatically added to the Default team. The Default team can’t be deleted.

Ways a team can receive tickets

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  • Assignment rules
  • Manual ticket transfer or assignment
  • From another team when the team is deleted
  • From an agent when the agent’s status changes to Offline or Away
  • Platform API - Cancellation of a ticket’s assignment and ticket transfer to a team
  • Platform API - Transfer of pending tickets to a specific team

Receiving tickets from a deleted team

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When admins delete a team, the following happens to the tickets in the deleted team depending on each ticket’s status: transferred to a selected team, assigned to the Default team, or carried out by current assignees.

Before deleting a team, admins can select which team can receive tickets from the deleted team. For details, refer to the following table:

Ticket status and outcomes

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Ticket statusOutcome


Tickets are transferred to the selected team and assigned to an available live agent in the team.


The current assignee will continue to handle the ticket.

In progress

Tickets are transferred to the selected team but yet to be assigned to an agent in the team.


The current assignee will continue to handle the ticket.


Tickets remain in the deleted team unless reopened. Once reopened, the ticket will be assigned to the Default team.