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Related chats shows previous chats where the customer gets involved to help agents quickly grab the points of the customer's request before starting the conversation. See below on how to use related chats and its limitations.

Use cases

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The followings are some examples of related chats which can be added as a reference for your agents:

  • A chat between a user and chatbot
  • A chat between a user and service delivery person such as drivers, food couriers
  • A chat between a user and another user who had an issue during the conversation


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  • Doesn't support customers from social media. Only available for customers from the Sendbird Chat platform.
  • Up to three related group channels can be added per ticket.
  • Available with code implementation, not a code-free feature.

How to use

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See below on how to use related chats.

Add group channels

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Group channel URLs should be included in the ticket information when creating a ticket. This has to be added in the development stage. Refer to the Docs guide for iOS, Android, and JavaScript.

Note: Related group channels should include the user of the ticket as a member of the channel. You can also set your own rules to determine which channels to be added.

Related chats are displayed under Ticket information and can be edited or deleted with further development modification but not through Sendbird Dashboard.

Click related chats to see the detailed chat history.