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Roles and permissions

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Admins can now create a new role and grant agents permission to perform a task on a certain page.

Note: At this moment, new roles can be created and customized for admins only. Adding agent roles will be available soon.

How to create a role

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  1. Click your organization name on top-right.
  2. Go to Roles on the drop-down menu.

  1. Click the Create role + button on top-right.
  2. Set the name and description of a new role and choose which level of agents will be affected by this role, either Admin or Agent.

  1. Then select actions that are allowed for the new role. Selecting accessible pages and adjusting the permission level are available for admin roles only. To learn more, see Permissions below.
  2. Click Save at the bottom.


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Once setting the name and description of the role, you should determine which level of agents will be affected and what responsibilities they would carry out by the new role.

Note: Configuring an accessible menu and adjusting its permission level is available for admin roles only, not agent roles.

Below, you can see the product tabs in the Permissions section. Click Desk. Then choose either Admin or Agent in Role name. Each will show a different set of features and pages they can access.

All will give admins or agents permission to perform all tasks, while View will allow them to only read the pages.