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Tickets can be searched with basic ticket and customer information or custom field values. See below on how to search for specific tickets with multiple search fields.

Available search fields

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You can use the following information as search fields:

  • Ticket ID
  • Ticket subject
  • User ID
  • Customer name
  • Integer, Text, Dropdown type Ticket fields
  • Integer, Text, Dropdown type Customer fields

Custom fields

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Custom fields, which can be classified into two groups Ticket fields and Customer fields, is a feature to add additional information on a ticket or a customer. You can add a new custom field in Settings > Ticket fields or Customer fields. You can also add a value of the custom field in the Ticket details view or in the Customer details view.

Each custom field is given one of the four data types: Integer, Text, Dropdown, Link. Since every custom field can hold information that corresponds to its data type, keep in mind that you must enter keywords based on the data type of the selected custom field when searching for tickets using custom fields.

Note: The length of the value in a custom field is 190 characters.

Search for tickets

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To search for tickets, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Tickets and click on the search box. If you're on the Ticket details view, click on the search icon.

  2. Select a search field.

  3. Enter a keyword or select a value based on the data type of the search field.

  4. Press Enter.

Note: When using a dropdown type custom field, make to select an option from the dropdown list.

Search and filter

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Previously, search and filter features were provided on separate pages, working independently from one another. Now you can search and filter the results right away using all the available filter options.


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The following limitations exist when using search fields to search for tickets:

  • You can only use up to three search fields at a time.
  • You can't use link type custom fields as a search field.
  • Ticket ID can't be used with other search fields.