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This guide explains how to turn on the notifications for new messages and tickets and how to set the notification sound for them.

Agent settings

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Admins and agents can enable notifications for any activities related to tickets. Notifications will appear only when the device settings and browser settings allow the Sendbird Dashboard to show notifications. Notifications can be sent for the following events.

  • New message received
  • New ticket created
  • Ticket transferred to you
  • Ticket closed
  • Ticket awaiting action

How to turn on notifications and their sound alert

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  1. Click ⚙️ next to an agent’s nickname.
  2. When an Agent settings popup shows, go to Notifications and turn on the feature.
  3. Tick the checkbox next to each item to receive notifications.
  4. Turn on Sound to notify agents of events with a chime 🛎.
  5. Click Save.

Browser settings

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Depending on the browser agents are using, notifications and their sound alert could be systematically blocked. Thus we recommend agents check the browser settings first. Here are guides on how to enable notifications in commonly used browsers.

Note: If agents still don’t get notifications after changing the browser settings, check the local notification settings of their device.

How to turn on notifications in Chrome

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  1. Open a Chrome browser and click Chrome on the menu bar.
  2. Go to Preferences > Privacy and security > Site settings.
  3. Click Notifications under Permissions.
  4. On the page, select Sites can ask to send notifications under Default behavior.

  1. Once agents log in to the Sendbird Dashboard, Chrome will ask whether the website should be allowed to send notifications. Click Allow so that notifications and sound alert can be enabled.

Note: If agents accidentally blocked notifications from the dashboard, see this page to change the settings.

How to turn on notifications in Safari

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  1. Go to the Sendbird Dashboard in a Safari browser. Then right click on the URL address bar.
  2. Click Settings for the current website.
  3. Click the dropdown list next to Auto-Play. Select Allow All Auto-Play.