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Tags is a way of labeling tickets so that you can better organize your tickets. You can also use the tags as a filter to search for tickets. This user guide provides information on tag statuses and how to utilize Tags.

Tag statuses

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There are three types of tag status as below:

  • Active: Tags currently in use and can be added to tickets. Up to 100 tags can be used as active tags.
  • Archived: Tags stored in the archive and can no longer be added to tickets. However, tags that were added before being archived remain on tickets, and can still be used as search filters. Only admins can restore archived tags.
  • Deleted: Tags deleted and completely removed from the dashboard. Deleted tags can't be restored, and tags on the existing tickets will also be removed.

To use tags

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In Settings > Tags, admins can create, archive, and delete tags. In the Ticket details view, admins and agents can apply up to 20 tags to existing or new tickets.

Note: Agents using the agent view of the dashboard can only apply or remove tags.

Tags as search filter

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In Tickets and Ticket details view, all agents can search the ticket list using tags as search filters.

Note: Both Active and Archived tags can be used as search filters.

Note: When exporting ticket information from the dashboard, all tag data except for deleted tags are also included.