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Achieve seamless UX integration with the React Native chat app framework

Build an interface that doesn’t compromise your UX with Sendbird’s JavaScript SDK and the React Native framework.

Achieve seamless integration with React Native chat app 1
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Use JavaScript to share code

With React, chat UI functionality is easy to achieve, but the React Native framework takes it a step further. This method simplifies and expedites developers’ workflows because they only have to write one set of JavaScript code for both iOS and Android platforms. It also provides an agnostic foundation that retains the principles of UI, allowing developers to accomplish a native look and feel — without having to start from scratch.

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Open new avenues of engagement

When implementing chat, React Native solutions can help increase your app exposure and expand online communities in a cost-effective way. Some of the world’s largest online communities, like Facebook and Instagram, have successfully rolled out the React Native strategy, and more apps are following suit. With the ability to reach the entire marketplace — both iOS and Android users — React Native allows you to unlock new revenue streams without increasing development costs or timeframes. Plus, its open-source framework lays a code foundation that can be easily altered or built upon in the future.

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Increase performance quickly

In addition to reducing development time, a chat SDK React Native approach can also improve app performance. Although the complexity of hybrid apps can be appealing, their complications and lagtimes aren’t conducive to a user-friendly experience. React Native’s underlying code framework allows apps to perform the same on iOS and Android operating systems for faster, more functional solutions.

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Elevate your app with the chat React Native framework

The dependable infrastructure of the React Native framework, which delivers quicker load times and improved functionality, is reason enough to integrate this approach into your app development. But with a core set of platform components in place, you can customize the code to meet the specific needs of your audience, now or in the future. Explore new digital possibilities with Sendbird’s JavaScript SDK and the React Native chat app platform to deliver truly meaningful communication experiences.