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AWS Travel and Hospitality certified software

Sendbird chose AWS to power Travel & Hospitality conversations

Sendbird, the leading chat platform for web and mobile applications, leverages AWS's innovative cloud services to support global Travel & Hospitality customers at scale.

AWS x Sendbird
Aws hospitality reservations booking Aws hospitality reservations booking
Increase reservations & bookings

Engage one-on-one with customers in live mobile conversations to answer questions and make transactions.

Aws hospitality support Aws hospitality support
Build loyalty

Provide the human touch people seek with live conversations that are quick and convenient for the customer, all inside of your mobile app or website.

Aws hospitality reach customers Aws hospitality reach customers
Reach customers where they are

Get more out of your mobile app by building sales, marketing, and support conversations right into the app experience.

Aws hospitality cloud native Aws hospitality cloud native

Sendbird's proven cloud-native chat uses AWS

Sendbird helps Travel & Hospitality businesses host modern, secure, and scalable chat conversations directly in their web and mobile apps rather than on 3rd party platforms.

Boost Travel & Hospitality experiences with in-app chat

With Sendbird Chat powered by the AWS cloud, convert more bookings through concierge-like sales, deliver marketing offers at scale, or just answer any customer questions.

Aws hospitality travel booking large
In-app chat benefits
Sendbird Chat Features

Sendbird uses over 40 innovative AWS cloud technologies to service enterprises at scale and 270M+ Monthly Active Users globally

AWS Auto Scaling

Sendbird uses AWS Auto Scaling to monitor applications and automatically adjusts capacity to maintain steady, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Sendbird uses AWS EC2 to handle traffic surges instantly from over 270M monthly active users globally.

Elastic Load Balancing

Sendbird uses AWS Elastic Load Balancing to monitor and distribute chat traffic to global targets automatically.

Amazon Route53

Sendbird uses Amazon Route 53 highly available and scalable cloud domain name system (DNS) service and geolocation function to distribute traffic reliably across regions.

AWS CloudFormation

Sendbird uses AWS CloudFormation to simplify the setup and management of its cloud resources.

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Sendbird uses AWS IAM to control engineer permissions so that only the resources required for development can be accessed.

Amazon ElastiCache

Sendbird uses Amazon ElastiCache to enable microsecond latency and massive scale using Redis.

Amazon Aurora

Sendbird uses Amazon Aurora to store 200TB of user data and make 200 queries per second reliably.

Amazon Kinesis

Sendbird uses AWS Kinesis scalable and durable real-time data streaming service to make around 80K Kinesis PutRecords requests per minute, and Kinesis streams process around 10TB of log data per day.

Amazon Athena

Sendbird users Amazon Athena to analyze data in Amazon S3.

"The AWS Graviton 2 processor helped us reduce CPU usage by 19% for EC2 and 10% for ElastiCache. In addition, we reduced our instances by 33% and cost by 42%"

Steve Lee, Head of Engineering Infrastructure at Sendbird

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How Traveloka uses Sendbird to revolutionize customer support

Aws hospitality customer traveloka

Users in Live Stream


Increase in traffic


Increase in transactions during events

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Hostelworld brings travelers together worldwide with Sendbird

Aws hospitality mobile customer hostelworld

member group chats supported




weeks to implement basic chat

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Glovo decreases support contact rates and improves user experience worldwide with Sendbird

Aws hospitality mobile customer glovo

message delivery


lower no-response rates


month implementation

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