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Sendbird vs. Twilio:
A head-to-head comparison

Sendbird — complete in-app

Sendbird specializes in real-time chat and messaging for websites and mobile apps with a client-side SDK for iOS, Android, JavaScript, .NET, React Native, and Unity, and an out-of-the-box configurable UI.

Sendbird logo Sendbird logo
Twilio — a leader in SMS

Twilio has built a large business around SMS. One area they haven't prioritized is in-app chat. Perhaps because it's a free and more reliable alternative to SMS and they depend on their SMS revenue. We can only guess.

Twilio Logo wine Twilio Logo wine

Breaking:  Twilio has announced end of life for Programmable Chat as a stand-alone product — further confirmation that in-app chat isn’t a priority for them. Contact us to learn how Sendbird can help you build the rich in-app chat experience your customers expect.

Sendbird vs. Twilio: A feature comparison

From a great user experience to fast time to market to rock-solid scalability, the Sendbird chat API includes the necessary features to engage your customers, drive more transactions, and increase stickiness.

Why Sendbird is the only Twilio alternative

If the priority is providing the best possible chat experience for your end users, Sendbird is the clear choice over Twilio.