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In-app communication APIs for customer engagement

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Engage and retain with dynamic conversations

Launch world-class in-app conversational experiences across chat, calls, & live streaming APIs & SDKs—combined with artificial intelligence—in days. Retain your existing customers for business efficiency.

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Beautiful, branded notifications that drive action

Reach customers with messages that persist in your app. Scalable, secure, and fast-to-launch, Sendbird Notifications convert at a 2X higher rate than SMS alone, for half the cost.

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Mobile-friendly support people prefer

Provide top-notch customer service with the perfect combination of human touch and artificial intelligence. Maximize your existing CRM system's messaging capabilities with Sendbird integrations.

Reduction in booking cancellations for a global ride sharing superapp


Reduction in customer support calls for a leading on-demand food delivery app


Increase in user retention for a leading international community site


Digital connections drive real results

Developers come first

Sendbird’s chat API, voice API, video API, native chat SDKs, feature-rich platform, and ready-made UI components make developers more productive. We take care of a ton of operational complexity under the hood, so you can power a rich chat service, and life-like voice, and video experiences, without worrying about features, edge cases, reliability, or scale.

Check out our developer resources:

Futureproof mobile engagement with a WhatsApp-like experience

Futureproof mobile engagement with a WhatsApp-like experience

Enterprise-ready compliance

The fastest growing startups to the largest enterprises trust Sendbird with their data. Our chat API, voice API, video API, and conversations platform adhere to leading security and compliance standards to ensure that all your communication and data are encrypted both in rest and motion.

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