Virgin Mobile UAE keeps customers engaged with on-demand mobile support using Sendbird Desk


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Virgin Mobile UAE is part of one of the most recognized telecommunication brands. The brand services customers across the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and on any given day, they receive over 1,000 support requests. Virgin Mobile UAE’s support team is focused on delivering value for money, constant innovation, and exceeding customer expectations—and that means offering a world-class mobile experience.

Virgin Mobile UAE is a digital app-based business unit with no physical stores; every touchpoint that a customer has—from a purchase to a support discussion—is a digital experience. The team knew that digitizing their customer support interactions would differentiate them from other telecom players who still rely on traditional support mediums like phone calls and emails.

With Sendbird’s in-app messaging and Sendbird Desk agent interface, Virgin Mobile UAE has completely digitized its customer support experience and effectively replaced phone- and email-based support with native chat-based support in their application. Learn why Virgin Mobile UAE chose Sendbird.

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