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Sendbird x Lenny's Podcast

The all-in-one communications API platform

Join digital leaders who elevate customer communications with their apps — the premier channel for engagement and conversion.

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Elevate user and customer communication through your apps

Delight customers at every user journey stage with web and mobile communication.

Elevate engagement

Elevate customer engagement within your app – the most branded, secure, and effective communication channel.

Enhance engagement Enhance engagement
Boost sales & marketing

Boost marketing and sales with high-conversion notifications, AI engagement, and interactive human conversations in your app.

Boost Loyalty Boost Loyalty
Enhance support

Deliver superior, custom, and personalized support with top-tier chat that includes video and AI capabilities for a seamless customer experience.

Increase operational efficiency Increase operational efficiency

1-way messages


Deliver message notifications through your app and increase conversions by 2X at half the SMS cost.

AI conversations

AI Chatbots

Close gaps in your customer journey with AI-driven conversations for knowledge sharing, marketing, commerce, and support.

Img calls Img calls

2-way communications

Chat, video calls & streaming

Foster strong user-brand and user-user engagement through interactive interactions.

Trusted by the world’s most popular apps 

Monthly active users


Interactions per month


Global developers

11cloud regions

Powered by AWS

Built by developers for developers

UIKits and SDKs designed for quick and effortless implementations.

In-app communication for any vertical

Sendbird powers in-app communication for many industries.

Hero Hero

Enterprise-ready compliance

Craft secure chats with industry-leading standards.

  • User authentication & authorization
  • AES256 encryption
  • OpenSSL
  • TLS 1.3

Ready to take your customer communication to the next level?