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As the digital landscape continues to evolve, customers want — and expect — more than a basic messaging app. UI design must be executed with the customer in mind for modern chat experiences that work as a catalyst for improving engagement and business performance.

Get started easily with pre-built chat UI architecture

When it comes to apps, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. With SendBird’s UIKit, you get the elegance of a modern messaging interface — without the extra development time. With a rich, high-quality chat design pattern already in place, you can refocus your efforts to incorporate more personalization for your customers.

Facilitate meaningful, real-time conversations

Make participation easy with quality chat UX. Design a messaging app that builds on existing UI for more simple and clear communication. The more user-friendly the design, the more likely your customers will engage in-app across various communities.

Establish strong security — and genuine user trust

Users consider secure messaging the standard, but secure messaging doesn’t necessarily include an intelligently designed experience. By incorporating a functional core chat component with minimal development time, you can continue to roll out new features to satisfy your users without compromising on quality, speed or security.

Key chat UI components

Sendbird’s UIKit offers a solid messenger app foundation. The chat UX design , in turn, makes it easy to incorporate and build features into the interface to enhance the overall chat experience.

    Explore the light or dark side

    SendBird UIKit comes in two beautiful themes — light or dark — and can be further customized to suit your needs.

      Provide rich chat UX design

      Create channels, invite users and send high-quality media instantly via in-app chat and messaging capabilities.

        Facilitate customization

        Take advantage of Sendbird’s added components, like thoughtfully designed icons users can pick from to curate their profile and play an active role in personalization.

          Turn communication into community

          You can find SendBird UIKit documentation for your preferred platform, Android or React, to support various types of users.

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