Welcoming Roundee to Sendbird

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John S. Kim CEO & Co-Founder of Sendbird
Welcoming Roundee to Sendbird

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We’re deeply grateful and excited to announce that the team will be joining the Sendbird family — and our mission to digitize human interactions for businesses around the world, serving a billion people’s conversations every month.

Roundee will become part of our Sendbird Calls team to further advance our voice and video calling capabilities, with multiple participants, at scale. In this time of need, we understand the growing, critical importance of digital communication; “social distancing” does not mean “emotional distancing.” People need real-time interactions with their loved ones, their coworkers, friends and consumer goods providers, now more than ever.

Of course, this union is the result of a deep collaboration across multiple teams at Sendbird, and we’ve had the pleasure of spending the last year getting to know the Roundee team, learning from their expertise in voice and video calling over IP, industry trends and — even more importantly — the customer. Roundee is committed to solving today’s voice- and video-calling challenges. Their grace and collaborative culture fits naturally and seamlessly here at Sendbird.

We’re so excited to work towards our shared mission, together, and we believe that Sendbird Calls will grow stronger and better in this partnership.

Onward and upward!


John, CEO of Sendbird

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