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Drive growth and reduce costs with omnichannel business messaging

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Making customer communication and user experience seamless across your organization

In today's world, consumers prefer to do almost everything from their phones, making it essential for businesses to master mobile communication. It's not just about marketing promotions; it's about ensuring timely reminders, alerts, updates, checklists, or surveys to accompany customers across their journey.

Teams across Product, Operations, Support, and Engineering must communicate effectively with their users to get things done, and nurture strong relationships. Unfortunately many lack direct access to easy-to-use tools they can operate independently. Often, they must work through marketing or engineering, making it a cumbersome process to send mission-critical messages to customers like a payment transaction receipt, an appointment reminder, or a simple app update.

In this VB Spotlight event, industry leaders will dive into how your organization can effectively and efficiently manage customer messaging across teams. You'll learn why collaboration is critical and what services and solutions will keep your communications running smoothly. Plus, you'll learn how to keep from overwhelming your users, maximize delivery, open rates and conversions, while keeping costs as low as possible.