Case study: Building a trustworthy brand through secure messaging for Dangler

Case study: Building a trustworthy brand through secure messaging for Dangler

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Dangler is the first online social marketplace created by anglers for anglers. Brothers Kane, Harry, and Daniel Hughes started Dangler in 2018 as a platform for everyday anglers to buy and sell fishing equipment and accessories — and interact with others in the community.

Anglers range from hobbyists to competitive fishermen. They devote a substantial amount of time, energy, and money to learning the trade and purchasing the right equipment.

The Hughes brothers started Dangler after trying to sell some of their old fishing gear online. They had to use several different forums and marketplaces, resulting in a fragmented and frustrating selling experience.

Dangler was born out of those frustrations. The brothers’ hope was to bridge this gap and create the first social marketplace catered specifically to anglers.

Angling purchases are often complicated, requiring frequent communication between the buyers and sellers about equipment modifications and legitimacy. To enable these complex sales, increase users’ trust, and prevent the hassles the founders had personally experienced with other options, Dangler launched their new social marketplace with real-time messaging built in natively to the platform for users to connect with each other about purchases and build relationships with other anglers.

Secure, reliable messaging and real-time chat wasn’t optional for Dangler. It was a necessity. Download this case study to learn why Dangler chose Sendbird Chat.


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