How Traveloka uses Sendbird to revolutionize customer support

Daniel Kim Marketing Manager

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Traveloka is Southeast Asia’s leading travel aggregator. The Indonesian startup serves as a one-stop-shop for all your travel, lifestyle, and accommodation needs.  It’s available in APAC’s top markets from Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia to Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and also Australia. Traveloka has partnerships with more than 100 airlines, serving over 200,000 routes worldwide, and a network of 100,000+ hotels and apartments in Southeast Asia.

With Sendbird, Traveloka transformed its customer support channels by building a robust in-app messaging experience to conveniently connect users with customer service representatives. Starting by fixing the issues it experienced in previous customer support solutions, Traveloka built a chat solution ideally suited to its business using Sendbird.

Watch the video to see Adi Alimin, the Senior Product Manager at Traveloka talk about:

  1. Traveloka’s switch from Zendesk live chat to Sendbird
  2. How Sendbird’s chat solution became Traveloka’s number one communication channel
  3. Why Sendbird was the logical choice as their global chat partner

Traveloka is one of the first Unicorns from Southeast Asia and raised over $350 million from Expedia in 2017.

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