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Sendbird Business Messaging

Empower Product, Operations, Support, and Engineering teams with software and API to message customers through your apps, SMS, mobile push, and WhatsApp.


Empower product managers with a customer messaging tool to announce product updates, engage users, and collect feedback to improve their experience.

Product Product

Send omnichannel service updates or new policies through an intuitive dashboard where you can build messages and campaigns effortlessly.

Operations Operations

Equip your support and customer experience teams with a dashboard that comprehensively views all customer communications and a notification tool to nurture relationships.

Support Support

*Gift card will only be given after you meet with a sales expert and view a demo of Sendbird Business Messaging. You will not qualify for the offer if you don’t show up to the scheduled call. One gift card per person is valid. Gift card will only be given to the individual it was offered to. Offer expires 7/30/24.