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Dating apps

In-app communications are at the heart of dating apps, allowing users to connect and make meaningful connections through communication.

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This can include real-time chat, voice calling, video calling, and push notifications. These capabilities enable a range of key features, such as direct messaging, profile comments and likes, content sharing, emojis, and more. Dating apps help people find meaningful relationships, and this process revolves around finding and building connections using in-app communications.

How dating apps use in-app communications platforms

  • In-app chat: Users can initiate conversations with potential matches and get to know each other better by sending and receiving in-app messages.

  • Push notifications: Users receive alerts about in-app activity, such as new messages, matches, and likes. These notifications prompt users to return to the app and re-engage at peak times.

  • Profile comments and likes: Serving as an icebreaker, users leave comments or likes on each other’s profiles to express interest and initiate conversations.

  • Emojis, reactions, GIFs: Users enhance their communications with visually expressive emojis, stickers, reactions, and GIFs that reveal more of their personality.

  • Voice and video calling: Before meeting in person, users may want to join in a voice or video call that provides reassurance and fosters trust.

  • Rich media sharing: Users can send private photos, songs, links, and other media to facilitate a more intimate sharing experience.

  • Moderation: To maintain a safe and respectful environment, dating apps can use moderation tools to detect and block inappropriate content or behavior.

  • Chat history: Dating apps allow users to look back at previous conversations and continue where they left off.

  • User reporting: Users can report inappropriate behavior from other users, prompting app administrators to issue warnings or suspensions.

  • Feedback and ratings: Dating apps can use pop-up messages to prompt users for feedback and app ratings, helping to identify issues and improve the platform experience.

Benefits of in-app communications platforms for dating apps

  • Deeper engagement: Users tend to spend more time on dating apps that make it fun, safe, and easy to communicate, offering a seamless, spontaneous experience that leads to meaningful connections.

  • Modern messaging experiences: The leading dating apps provide users with the latest messaging features (e.g. typing indicators, read receipts, emojis) that enhance the chat experience and promote authentic interactions.

  • Data privacy and security: A key concern for users, so platforms should take steps to ensure the integrity of user data. This includes providing secure, regularly-tested information architecture and complying with relevant user privacy regulations.

  • Cross-platform scalability: Reliable in-app communications platforms can support over 1 million concurrent connections and 500 million messages per day on any device or platform. This allows a business to grow without re-coding its existing architecture.

  • Enhanced user safety and trust: To retain users, dating apps can use the automated and manual moderation tools of in-app communications platforms to detect and block inappropriate behavior to ensure a safe, respectful space.
  • Streamlined development: In-app communications platforms offer software development kits (SDKs) and user interface (UI) kits that make it easy to build and customize the communications experience for any device or platform. These resources help developers to create a brand-appropriate experience, without coding the UI from scratch.

In-app communications are essential to dating apps. The most popular apps like Tinder provide a range of interactive features within a visually appealing, consistent user interface.

Sendbird and other in-app communications platforms offer SDKs and UI kits for every device and platform, helping a business get to market faster with a beautiful, on-brand communications experience.

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