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Fantasy sports and betting apps

In-app communications play a crucial role in keeping users engaged, informed, and connected within fantasy sports and betting apps.

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This can include adding real-time private and group chat, live streaming, support chatbots, and push notifications to the mobile app. These capabilities enable a range of features, such as direct messaging, winnings alerts, watch parties, support, and more. Fantasy sports and betting apps use in-app communications to create an immersive, interactive, and engaging environment that retains users.

How fantasy sports and betting apps use in-app communications

  • Private and group chat: Users can chat with friends or league members in private chats, private groups, or group forums through real-time chat, creating new channels to discuss trades or bets, negotiate player swaps, and player performance.

  • Rich media sharing: Users can share images, videos, news links, and other rich media that facilitate discussion and deepen community connections.

  • Scoring updates: Users receive push notifications and in-app pop-ups that keep them updated about team performance, points scored, player highlights, and other data relevant to active bets or team management.

  • Leaderboard updates: Apps notify users about changes in the rankings on the leaderboard, which show how users rank against each other.

  • Personalized content: Apps can send users with relevant content like game highlights, player recommendations, and news articles related to their fantasy teams or betting opportunities.

  • Chatbots and support: Apps can incorporate chatbots to provide FAQ content or connect users to support agents for immediate assistance.

  • Live streaming: App can host live event streams or allow users to host watch parties with live chat capabilities, offering a dynamic opportunity to encourage bets, discussion, and strengthen community connections.

  • In-app marketing: Apps can send users personalized and timely offers, promotions, and referral incentives to drive word-of-mouth referrals, bets, signups, and more.

  • Feedback and ratings: Apps use pop-ups to prompt users for feedback and ratings in the app store, helping to identify issues and improve the user experience.

  • Event reminders: Betting apps can remind users of upcoming matches, games, or events that they’ve bet on, encouraging engagement and last-minute betting.

  • Winning notifications: Betting apps send users real-time alerts when they win bets or receive payouts, enhancing excitement in the app experience and driving retention.

  • Legal and regulatory notices: Betting apps use in-app communications to inform users of legal requirements, responsible gaming guidelines, and local regulations to comply with.

Benefits of in-app communications for fantasy sports and betting apps

  • Deeper user engagement: Live chat, notifications, and media sharing allow users to connect over shared interests and events, fostering a sense of community and competition among users that drives retention.

  • Real-time updates: In-app communications allow fantasy sports and betting apps to provide users with real-time updates about games, scores, odds, and athlete performance to drive app engagement and retention.

  • Modern messaging experiences: The leading apps include the latest messaging features (e.g. typing indicators, read receipts, emojis) that enhance the chat experience by creating a sense of real-time, in-person interactions.

  • Greater retention: Prompt updates about upcoming events, winnings, promotions, and messaging activity helps to encourage users to return to the app regularly.

  • Customer support: In-app chat and chatbots enable users to seek assistance, report issues, and get prompt help, which helps to improve overall user satisfaction.

  • Monetization: Businesses can monetize in-app communications by serving users sponsored content, ads, promotions, as well as notifications for premium features.

  • Legal compliance: Apps can ensure regulatory compliance by informing users about any legal requirements or local guidelines for gaming practices.

  • Gamification: In-app communications are used to introduce gamification elements such as leaderboards, loyalty rewards, and in-app competitions that help drive engagement.

  • Data privacy and security: Leading in-app communications platforms take steps to protect users and their data. This includes providing secure, regularly-tested information architecture that complies with relevant privacy regulations like GDPR and ISO27001.

  • Cross-platform scalability: A reliable in-app communications platform can support 1 million concurrent connections and 500 million daily messages on any device or platform. This scalability allows a business to grow without re-coding its architecture.

  • Streamlined development: In-app communications platforms offer software development kits (SDKs) and user interface (UI) kits that make it easy to build and customize mobile communications for any device or platform. These resources help developers to quickly create a quality communications experience, without coding the UI from scratch.

Fantasy sports and betting apps use in-app communications to create an immersive, interactive, and engaging environment for users. The most popular apps provide a range of interactive features and channels within a visually appealing, consistent UI.

To simplify the process of creating a custom-branded communications experience, developers can use the cross-platform SDKs and UI kits from Sendbird and other in-app communications platforms.

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