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Food delivery services

Food delivery services use in-app communications to connect drivers, customers, and support agents within the mobile app to ensure order completion.

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This can include adding real-time chat, voice calling, video calling, and push notifications to the mobile app. These functionalities allow a business to coordinate deliveries and resolve order issues in the app quickly, reducing order cancellations and support costs. In-app communications also help to reduce reliance on costly SMS messaging, and encourage repeat purchases by way of in-app marketing campaigns.

How food delivery services use in-app communications

  • Order confirmation: After a customer places an order, the app immediately sends an automated confirmation message that includes the order items, estimated delivery time, and payment method. This reassures customers that the order was received and is being processed.

  • Real-time tracking: Customers can track the status of their orders in real-time using the app. The delivery service can provide updates on order preparation, driver assignment, and delivery process.

  • Driver communications: Food providers and dispatchers can communicate with delivery drivers through the app, notifying drivers of new orders, providing directions, and helping address any issues that arise during delivery.

  • Delivery updates: Drivers can send status updates to customers, or the app can be programmed to update customers automatically. This keeps customers informed about the approximate time of delivery.

  • Order modifications: Customers can request order modifications using in-app chat, such as changing the delivery address or requesting additional items.

  • Delivery instructions: In light of health and safety concerns, customers can use in-app communications to specify if they prefer contractless delivery, and where food should be left.

  • Ratings and feedback: Businesses can solicit customer feedback about the food and delivery experience using in-app surveys to improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

  • In-app marketing: Food delivery apps can use push notifications to send promotions, discounts, and special offers to customers, helping to encourage repeat orders and stay top of mind at peak order times.

Benefits of in-app communications platforms for food delivery services

  • Fewer order cancellations: In-app chat and voice calling allow customers to connect with service providers, drivers, and support agents before frustration takes over. By resolving order issues in real time, businesses can act to prevent most cancellations.

  • Reduced support costs: Businesses can provide responsive chat support to resolve customer issues before they require escalation to live agents, helping to save on costly calling while maintaining high CSAT scores.

  • Less reliance on SMS: One of the largest expenses for on-demand businesses are SMS messaging fees. Keeping communications within the mobile app fosters a more streamlined user experience that costs less to deliver.

  • Enhanced communications: Users are more likely to engage and return to food delivery services that allow for real-time communications, both when in need of help and when happily waiting for an order to be delivered.

  • Greater reach and data: In-app marketers can nudge customers toward the next purchase with targeted announcements and push notifications for special promotions and offers. This while keeping control of user data that can be analyzed for valuable insights.

  • Faster development: In-app communications platforms offer software development kits (SDKs) and user interface (UI) kits that make implementation easy. These resources help developers quickly build and customize the communications functionality.

In-app communications play a central role in the food delivery experience. They enhance communications between customers and providers, boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction while helping businesses reduce cancellations and support costs.

The top food delivery apps like Instacart provide the communication features users expect within a visually appealing, consistent user interface (UI). Sendbird and other leading in-app communications platforms offer SDKs and UI kits for every device and platform, helping delivery apps get to market quickly with a product users love.

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