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Investment and wealth management apps

Investment and wealth management apps can provide more personalized, secure, and transparent experiences through in-app communications.

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This can include adding real-time chat capabilities, voice and video calling, push notifications, and chatbots to the mobile app. These capabilities enable a variety of in-app features, such as account updates, transaction confirmations, scheduling, security alerts, and more.

In-app communications add an important social layer to digital finance. They allow financial firms to provide personalized content and seamless support to clients with unmatched convenience. This can translate to a major advantage over competitors in terms of user experience, app engagement, and customer loyalty.

How investment and wealth management apps use in-app communications

  • Identity-based transactions: Users and managers can create secure, authenticated profiles via in-app messaging, enabling identity-based security measures like two-factor authentication to build trust and keep discussions and transactions private.

  • Real-time chat: Users can initiate conversations with a business to inquire about their portfolio, get immediate assistance, and schedule in-person or video consultations in the app.

  • Push notifications: Users receive real-time notifications or alerts about their investment portfolios, stock prices, payouts, market insights, and other timely information to keep them engaged and ready to capitalize on opportunities.

  • Customer support: Users can pick between in-app chat, chatbots, or in-app calling to connect with customer support and advisors, getting assistance, guidance, and answers to financial questions without delay.

  • Video advisory services: In lieu of in-person meetings, clients may prefer the convenience of scheduling and joining an in-app voice or video consultation from anywhere they have internet connectivity.

  • Security and privacy: Users receive updates about any suspicious activity, security breaches, or privacy updates, prompting immediate action that helps to safeguard accounts.

  • Appointment scheduling: Users can use in-app communications to schedule virtual or in-person meetings with advisors or portfolio managers.

  • Account management: Users can use in-app communications to execute administrative tasks like setting and changing account preferences, as well as accessing financial documents and statements.

  • Personalized service: Businesses can deliver personalized investment recommendations, content, and opportunities via push notifications to drive engagement and retention.

Benefits of in-app communications platforms for investment and wealth management apps

  • Enhanced user experience: Users appreciate it when firms deliver personalized notifications about account activity, market changes, and new opportunities. This blend of convenience, care, and insight improves the app experience, making it easy for users to stay on top of their finances.

  • Improved security: Upholding a reputation for security and privacy is vital to financial firms. With mobile communications, businesses can alert users of suspicious activity and resolve issues immediately to reassure clients that their money is in good hands.

  • Customer support: In-app communications enable investment and wealth management firms to provide immediate, cost-efficient support to users through the app. This convenience helps to improve customer satisfaction and encourage loyalty.

  • Modern messaging experiences: Users expect their go-to apps to offer the latest messaging features, such as typing indicators and read receipts, that create a sense of in-person interactions while chatting or receiving support in the app.

  • Greater retention: In competitive markets like financial services, users are more likely to choose providers based on experience. With in-app communications, a business can provide each user with personalized account management and support that engenders loyalty.

  • Privacy and compliance: Leading in-app communications platforms take steps to protect users, their data, and maintain global compliance. This includes providing secure, regularly-tested information architecture that complies with relevant privacy regulations like GDPR and ISO27001.

  • Cross-platform scalability: A reliable in-app communications platform can support 1 million concurrent connections and 500 million daily messages on any device or platform. This scalability allows a business to grow without re-coding its architecture.

  • Faster development: In-app communications platforms offer software development kits (SDKs) and user interface (UI) kits that make it easy to build and customize mobile communications for any device or platform. These resources allow developers to quickly create a visually appealing app experience without coding the UI from scratch.

When it comes to user experience, in-app communications can represent a major advantage over competitors for investment and wealth management apps. The leading investment and wealth management apps offer a seamless, secure experience within a visually appealing UI.

To simplify the process of building a custom communications function for their app, developers can use the cross-platform SDKs and UI kits from Sendbird and other leading in-app communications platforms.

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