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On-demand gig economy apps

In-app communications are essential to on-demand gig economy apps, allowing users to find, interact, and coordinate with gig workers at every step of the service process.

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Gig economy apps like Uber and Instacart rely on the social layer to facilitate service delivery, such as in-app messaging, push notifications, and voice calling. These capabilities allow users to request service, message and coordinate with service providers, leave reviews, and more.

To provide a quality user experience, on-demand gig economy apps must be able to reliably connect large volumes of users at once without disruptions or delay. This requires a business to have a reliable communications infrastructure that can support high-density messaging and calling between large volumes of users and service providers at once.

How on-demand gig economy apps use in-app communications

  • In-app chat: Gig workers and service-seeking users can communicate instantly via in-app messaging. This enables users to provide task details, timelines, and coordinate services with speed and efficiency.

  • Service requests and bookings: Users can request services like deliveries or rides in the app, and gig workers can accept or decline. Users receive a notification once service is initiated, and can coordinate the details using in-app messaging.

  • Scheduling: In-app communications integrate with scheduling apps and calendars, helping gig workers manage availability and remind users of upcoming service deliveries.

  • Payments: In-app communications can notify users of payment status to service providers to improve app transparency and trust, or notify service providers of incoming payments to aid in employee retention.

  • Ratings and reviews: Apps can solicit feedback and reviews for services using push notifications and pop-ups, enhancing brand trust and reputation to attract more users.

  • Customer support: Users can connect with customer support via chatbots or in-app chat with support reports, facilitating prompt issue resolution to improve user retention and loyalty.

Benefits of in-app communications platforms to on-demand gig economy apps

  • Modern messaging features: Typing indicators and read receipts add a sense of presence to in-app communications, fostering feelings of transparency and reliability that help to reassure and retain users.

  • Rich media capabilities: Users can share video, audio, files, and other rich media with service providers, enhancing communications to drive customer success.

  • Enhanced user experiences: Users prefer apps that let them engage using their choice of communication channels, including chat, calling, rich media, and more.

  • Cross-platform scalability: A reliable in-app communications platform can support 1 million concurrent connections and 500 million daily messages on any device or platform. This scalability allows apps to grow without re-coding their architecture.

  • Privacy and compliance: Leading communications platforms take steps to protect users, their data, and maintain compliance. Look for secure, regularly-tested information architecture and proof of compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR and ISO27001.

  • Streamlined development: In-app communications platforms offer software development kits (SDKs) and user interface (UI) kits that make it easy to build and customize mobile communications for any device or platform. These resources allow developers to quickly create a visually appealing app experience, without coding the UI from scratch.

On-demand gig economy apps rely on mobile communications to facilitate interactions between gig workers and users. Leading gig economy apps like Uber and Instacart provide a seamless experience within a visually appealing user interface (UI).

To simplify the process of creating a visually consistent, on-brand communications experience, developers can use the cross-platform SDKs and UI kits from Sendbird and other leading in-app communications platforms.

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