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What are announcements?

Announcements is a feature that provides a dedicated channel for broadcasting news, promotions, and time-sensitive updates to all users, or specific user groups.

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This feature allows a business to send timely, personalized messages to target user segments in critical moments to drive action at any scale. Announcements help to drive engagement in a variety of scenarios, such as new user onboarding, cart abandonment, and limited-time promotions.

Benefits of announcements

  • Increased awareness: Announcements help to ensure that users know about new features, product releases, policy changes, or other relevant information.

  • Timely communication: Announcements can be sent to coincide with events, launches, campaigns, and other time-sensitive outreach aimed at informing and engaging users.

  • Personalized outreach at scale: Announcements are a scalable feature that can be targeted to specific users based on preferences, behaviors, demographics, and other traits.

  • Improved engagement: Announcements can generate user interest and spark engagement, encouraging users to explore features, tune into live streams, and respond to promotions.

  • Brand consistency: Regular Announcements help to convey a sense of transparency and professionalism, contributing to a user-centric brand identity that helps gain and retain customers.

  • Fewer support queries: Proactively addressing user concerns helps to lessen the volume of customer support queries.

Use cases for announcements

  • Marketplaces: A dedicated channel for promotions, offers, and reminders helps to nudge buyers toward in-app transactions at key points in the purchase lifecycle.

  • On-demand services: Sending coupons, product updates, and new feature announcements helps to encourage adoption, increase app engagement, or drive upsells and cross-sells.

  • Communities: Broadcasting important policy updates and changes to community guidelines helps to keep users engaged and on the same page.

  • Live-streaming: Announcing new streaming events as well as in-stream promotions helps to drive awareness, engagement, and conversions.

  • Healthcare: Proactively notifying patients about policy changes, app updates, and other important health news in a personalized way is a great way to improve app engagement.

Announcements is a feature that allows organizations to reach target audiences with timely, relevant content via a dedicated channel. This feature is included in the chat APIs from Sendbird and other leading in-app communications platforms. To explore announcements and other features, you can sign up for a free trial and head over to the Sendbird user dashboard.

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